Saturday, May 23, 2009

Plus One!

Oh gosh, writing that subject heading just now reminded me of the AWESOME boy band that was meant to be like the Christian version of Nsync! Plus One? Anybody? (Their 'plus One' is GOD, isn't that clever?? ;)

I think that I bought their cd back in 2000 in the height of my Nsync obsession hoping that I would think of more holy things when listening to men singing in perfect harmony...(isn't that an occasion of sin for everyone??)

Anyways...I write this because I just noticed that my LAST post on the Ascension was post #100! Whoo hoo! And this is the 'plus one'.

101 posts ago, I was getting ready to enter a convent. Pretty sure I was writing from my parents house in Ohio, had sold half my stuff, and was packing up the suitcase full of white blouses, blue skirts, and pairs of nylons. I know. You wish you could've seen me then! There are some pics still lurking on this blog, so it shouldn't be hard for to satisfy that thirst for some Julia in blue skirts. Ooo, like this one:

That's a good one. It's my 'discernment' face. Ha.

I have told a few of my close friends that recently, FINALLY, I am starting to feel more like myself. I'm working out a lot, praying better, have a daily routine, acquired a bit more of the stylish attire I was once known for pre-convent...the sun has even started to kiss my blonde hair that I covered with brown dye last Sept. So the Julia that packed that suitcase on NET and then again to St. Louis, she's coming back! 100 posts later! ;)

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