Monday, February 18, 2008

Pauline Books of Interest

We are using this book for one of our Scripture classes. It is written by a Sister of the Good Shepherd which is an order founded by the same man as our order- Blessed James Alberione. The man founded like 10 orders/institutes which make up our "Pauline Family".

Anyways, this book isn't a scholarly book, and you don't need to be into Scripture to understand it. I really think it could bring anyone closer to Jesus. It just opens up the Gospel of Mark to help us better understand Jesus and His message. It's really easy to read too.

She has some for the other Synoptics as well, but we are starting with Mark and learning about the theory that he was the 'first' Gospel and Luke and Matt took their cues from him... I could tell you all about that, but I am still studying it myself :) Anyways, just thought I'd give this book a push 'cause I'm enjoying it and I think others would too.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Spotlight: Recycling

So I know it's been a while since I've written, and i swear we've been doing things, but i couldn't think of anything to write!

Things are picking up again. We're taking Scripture, Catechism, and Discernment classes. And we are also doing lots of apostolic stuff- our faith and film nights, lectures here at the center and at parishes. Plus, Lent has started, so there's been liturgies and much prayer.

But, I couldn't think of anything fantastic to write about. And when I look at this week, the highlight really was in the daily goings on.

So here's a look into a regular, weekly activity for us: RECYCLING!

Yes, that's right! Put it in the books- the Daughters of St. Paul recycle! And for some reason, Alina took her digital camera with us this time and we videoed most of our encounter with the Kirkwood Recycling Center (Kirkwood is where the council members were murdered last week. It's really sad. The community is a really nice community and very close to where we live!!!).

I'm not sure if she wants me to post the videos, as they are quite embarrassing, as most homemade videos are. So in the meantime, here are just some really unflattering pictures of me. Maybe she'll give me the okay and I'll post a video or two.

Unflattering pictures above: Time to go recycling! How much cardboard can you fit in a 15 passenger van? Talking to the camera.