Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The One About Wine Part 3- Summer 2022

 When I am not traveling or reading by the pool during these days of summer, I am out exploring my state of Virginia and all of the wine that it has to offer. It has over 300 wineries to offer, by the way. I am currently up to exploring winery numbers 71-76!

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Read on for the latest winery visits of my summer!

Bluemont Vineyard  (71) - I can't believe I hadn't been to this winery when I lived in Northern VA. When I posted that I had been there this summer, so many DC friends posted that this was their favorite in the Northern VA region and I could see why. The views were absolutely breathtaking and the outdoor seating was plentiful. The wines were also really, really good. There were a couple of tasting options to choose from and I chose one with whites and reds. I ended up purchasing two bottles from this place: their Sauvignon Blanc and their Cabernet Sauvignon. In addition to their main tasting room, they also have a reserve room which is for guests 21+ only (you know she loves to see it), but you do have to make reservations ahead of time. This place is definitely in my top 5 wineries of VA now and I'm only sad that I didn't make my way here sooner! Definitely recommend. 

Good Luck Cellars (72)- I made a trip out to the Northern Neck of VA earlier on this summer and went to this winery. The winery was nice with lots of outdoor deck space. Y'all know that I prefer wine from more mountainous regions, though, but for a lower region, the wine was drinkable. The server was friendly and I enjoyed my time there. If you are in the Northern Neck, you can definitely check it out, but not sure I would make a trip just for this place. 

Quievremont Vineyard and Winery (73)- I stopped at this one recently on my way to Rappahannock Cellars. I got a tasting and it was 4 wines for about $10. There were a couple of options to choose from and I usually try to pick one with both whites and reds so I can get a sense for the winery and their grapes. This place does grow their own grapes...mostly. There was one red that used grapes from another VA winery because they had less yield in 2020. The red with the imported grapes was actually my favorite. The other wines were just okay. This place also doesn't have much in terms of atmosphere. The tasting room isn't that sophisticated and the decor was a little chaotic. There was a sculpture of a mastodon tusk for one? I would probably skip this place, but at least the tasting was affordable. 

Rappahannock Cellars (74)- This one had been on my list for a while so I had some high expectations. Driving up, the location is really beautiful and the space is really well utilized. There is lots of indoor seating and also a rooftop space that was very contemporary and gave you a good view of the vineyard. I did their premiere tasting which currently includes two sparkling wines which was definitely different than many of the wineries I had been to. I liked the Blanc de Blanc. The other sparkling was not a fave. They also have been serving their wines in testtubes since Covid which was just a little off putting to me and didn't seem very practical for the server or for aerating the wine. I liked the Chardonnay and their "Eighteen" red blend. The rooftop space was definitely the best part for me. There is also a distillery next door which maybe I will have to go back and try. All and all, this place was nice to visit. 

Revalation Vineyards- (75) This winery is in Madison, VA and is adorable. The wine is also really, really good. The tasting space is a very small cabin which made the experience different than other wineries. The tasting was done outside since there isn't much space inside the cabin. The rocking chairs on the porch of the cabin were fun and definitely added to the experience. The tasting was a little pricey- $20! But you could choose from whites or reds or a mix of both. I did the mostly reds and was not disappointed. Their white petit manseng and all of the reds I tasted were really good. I ended up purchasing a bottle of their Merlotage which was a mix of merlot and other red grapes. They grow all of their own grapes and found out they spell their winery Reva-lation because many of the grapes were grown in Reva, VA. They also served their tasting in mismatched vintage glasses which I thought was cute. This place was definitely different than a lot of wineries and is an experience I would recommend!

Slater Run Vineyards (76) I saw a sign for this winery on my way to Bluemont and decided to hit it up on my way back. I was so glad that I did! This winery is a newer one, but the grounds and the tasting room are really nice. They have a modern feel while still having a farm vibe as well, which is kind of the best of both worlds for me. Their wine was also really satisfying. I am not usually a rose girl, but I remember really liking their rose. There was a group doing a tour while I was there and this space definitely lends itself well to groups. I would recommend bringing your group out there to check it out! Recommend. 

Twin Oaks Tavern Winery (77)- I can't believe that I never made it out to this winery which is close to Leesburg, VA and Purceville. I lived in this area for a while but tended to do the Route 50 and Route 9 wineries in NoVA, I guess. This is a winery I would go back to, though it wasn't the most memorable for me. I did this one on the day of Bluemont and Slater Run so of the three, it was probably my least favorite. The views are really, really nice, though. There is a nice outdoor space. I received 3 wines in my tasting and I went with reds which included a mulled wine slushie which I was dubious of, but it ended up being my favorite. The other reds were drinkable, but when the one with spices and is frozen is your favorite, I feel like that says something. I don't think a place should have to doctor up wines, but that's just me. But this place is pretty and worth a visit. 

My new favorite winery- Bluemont!

The rooftop views at Rappahannock Cellars

The adorable cabin and rocking chairs as well as vintage glasses at Revalation Vineyards- another new fave!

The weird science tasting at Rappahannock Cellars.

I will continue to document all things VA wine here! My summer of 2022 is coming to a close which I can't believe. 2022 as a whole has gone too fast. But I am sure that fall of 2022 will bring even more wine, so I guess bring it on! Fall 2022, here we come.