Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Final Rose

So I am going to stray from my usual Biblical reflection blog posts, and stick more with the pop culture references today.

It should be no surprise to you all that I do enjoy indulging in the occasional reality show. And by occasional, I mean, pretty much all the ones on ABC and Bravo. Oh, and American Idol. Sometimes MTV. I digress.

I used to watch reality shows with a little discomfort- people getting 'kicked off', married off- but now it's just become a part of our cultural vocabulary. Oh, and now I'm getting philosophical again, and this post was not supposed to be that!

I am writing to state my love for reality TV and The Bachelorette. And also to introduce my idea, which I've shared with some, for 'The Catholic Bachelorette'.

Clearly, there is a market for such a show. Remember 'God or the Girl' that ran on A&E a while ago? A lot of people I know tuned into that to see if the boys would choose seminary or another vocation. And there are TONS of good, single Catholic girls I know looking for love. Clearly, our culture doesn't see anything wrong with a proposal in three weeks time (not saying it's okay, just saying) but we Catholics know that if it's God's will, it's God's I can foresee that being okay on this version of the show as well. We could make it an option.

I foresee substituting hot tub and make out scenes for Daily Mass and personal prayer. There would still be all the group dates (don't we love courting in the Church? Yes, we do!) and then she could choose one for one on one dates like the show too. And it wouldn't be offensive because everyone would be thinking about God's will. P

If someone didn't get a rose it would be okay because it 'wasn't meant to be'. We pray to St. Therese for 'roses' all the would totally be a sign :)

Really, I just like the idea of 30 men wooing me...I wonder, though, if there are 30 Catholic men out there that we could find! One friend did question how we would go about the screening process (we all know there are a few 'crazy Catholics' out there) and another friend pointed out that it might be a little weird if all the men showed up for Mass shirtless (in the event of a hot tub scene for Daily Mass substitution).

Other than that, I foresee no issues for this venture. Anyone who has a connection with EWTN, hook me up. I think something young and relevant is just what that channel :)


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