Sunday, May 5, 2013


I called my parents on this Sunday evening as I am ought to do as a part of my Sunday routine and have done since the fall of 1999 when I went off to college. Back then, we had calling cards and shared a land line phone in our dorms with our roommates. Today, even though I have my cell with me at all times and voicemail instead of a machine, it is still expected and anticipated that I will call my parents on Sunday evening just as I did ten + years ago.

When speaking with my mother, she mentioned that Pentecost was fast upon us (we were discussing this because it happens to be the same weekend as my graduation. We do not often talk about liturgical feasts as part of our Sunday conversations. Though, this is ME we are talking about here, so...sounds about right.) - and she is right! Two weeks! That means: "the advocate is coming!" (John 14: 15-21)

I need not remind you how- in addition to geeking out over the Triduum- that I also have a thing for Pentecost. See exhibits A, B, and C. I also have come to appreciate the feast of the Ascension since I have been teaching my Paschal Mystery course (it is the often forgotten, but oh so important feast that completes the Paschal Mystery, after all! Christ suffered, died, and rose and then when His mission was complete, the Ascension was that ultimate grand finale.)

The Ascension is THIS THURSDAY but will be celebrated in my diocese next Sunday. I'm hoping to make it to Mass on Thursday, though, because as I said, I've really come to appreciate what is meant by Christ completing His Mission and this feast.

Maybe that's because I AM ALMOST 33- the age when Christ ascended! (I turned 32, two weeks ago. I never thought I'd be so grateful for a Taylor Swift song, but because of her song "22" I had THIS to post all over my FB and Twitter for my birthday) Phew! I've been suffering, "dying" and "resurrecting" anew for most of my teens and twenties. There's something to be said for these early thirties and finally getting to reap the benefits of those other parts of the Paschal Mystery. We all, of course, experience the cycle of the Paschal Mystery in various sufferings, "death", and resurrections throughout our lives, but when we complete our goals, we ascend.

I have completed many goals this year. One that I will be celebrating the same weekend as the feast of Pentecost!! No coincidences there. I know the Lord knows how important both receiving my Masters AND Pentecost are to me. I truly will be filled with the Spirit on that day!

And this weekend, I also achieved a goal of mine. After living with roommates/housemates for 32 years of my life- I FINALLY have my own place. We all know I chose to live in community for many of those years, sometimes for financial reasons, but also for personal growth. When I spoke of the cycle of the Paschal Mystery, living in community has very much been a source of those aforementioned elements: suffering, death, and resurrection. I have suffered, died to myself many times and in many ways, and then been made new.

The time has come, though, to ascend! And it feels so good to have my own place! I moved in with the help of a very awesome friend who now is only going to be a couple miles away from me! I am so grateful for the generosity of people, especially when it is just freely offered. I fully intended to just get movers and not need anyone's help like I did the last move, but since I am now by myself, it was fun to have someone here to help unpack boxes and get some beer and pizza in the end :)

Some last thoughts on these next two weeks of Ascension and Pentecost. One: I will be doing my annual novena to the Holy Spirit! When I need something done fast, I definitely call on the Holy Spirit. So please join me by praying THIS between this Thursday and Pentecost.

Two: the readings from Revelations have been so different for me this Easter season since having gone to Greece and seeing the Cave the Apocalypse in Patmos. Now, when I read the words of St. John such as these  I can picture exactly where he was when he received these words and visions. It was such a blessing to go there. We couldn't take pics inside, but here are some from the isle of Patmos last year:

 outside Cave of Apocalypse

 View St. John most likely had from his window!!
Me at Patmos

Anyways, I'm just really, really grateful right now. Things are definitely looking...up! Ha! Get it? Ascension?

Sigh. I'm such a nerd. But I'm finally totally okay with that. 32 is going to be great!