Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fixin' a Hole Part 2

I'm just gonna save myself the extra strain of circular thought processes and analysis and just post things from this guy- Jacques Philippe- from now on. (He's the author of the book I quoted last blogpost, and also author of another one of my all time life-changing favs: Searching for and Maintaining Peace). As proven last post, he says pretty much everything I'm trying to get to come out of my brain anyways.

Here is how he closes Interior Freedom. It's actually words that the Lord speaks to a Spanish visionary, so I guess Philippe can't even really take credit for it's amazing-ness:

"You can only respond freely to the calls of Grace when your own truth becomes clear, when you accept it humbly, and when, on that basis, you maintain conversation with God, realizing that everything that happens to you is part of a loving and providential project of your Father God" pg 133

"Don't be afraid of yourselves! Don't be afraid of all that you are; in your human reality, where God pitches His tent to dwell in you." pg 134

"Only in the measure you discover yourself will you discover the depths of His Love."

See, this is why I love Jesus. As angry and frustrated as I get in living the Christian life, it's stuff like this that keeps me moving along with Him.

For me, that first quote is what I'm struggling with. Calls. Grace. MY OWN CLEAR TRUTH. Thanks for filling me in, Jesus, with this. Now can you fill me in on what my truth is? That is, after all, what I've been blogging about and wondering this whole year. Hmphf.

But when I was praying this morning, God reminded me of something that I learned on NET, and in discernment, and in He and I, and this current book...(you think I would remember it by now?) We only have to take our identity in Him and being His Son/Daughter. Our identity of being loved and valued by Him. No matter what. Done.

Well, easier said than done. That's why we're running the race....


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