Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gimme, Gimme More!

Only I could use a phrase from a Britney Spears song to start a blog post on a great saint. I know, I know. Jesus is probably rolling His eyes at me somewhere in Heaven. Lovingly, though ;)

I want to give some props to a saint who has come in in the clutch for some friends and I of late. Don't let his name fool you...he is a lesser known, in my mind....but...:

St. Thomas More. The Catholic Encyclopedia has lots to say about him. But basically, I know him 'cause I watched a movie about him (it won awards! It's on the Vatican AND AFI's top lists! That doesn't happen often, people!)

Other than the movie, I didn't know too much. But a friend recently prayed to him and then another friend recommended I do the same- and he was a powerful intercessor for us both! He clearly wastes no time and works quickly! I would expect nothing less than powerful persuasion from such a keen lawyer ;)

Plus, it's all in the name...St. Thomas MORE? ;)

I know. The joke was too obvious. But he is for real! No joke!

Just wanted to pass on this guy's name along for you and your next intercessory need ;) You are welcome.


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Jeremiah 29:11 said...

And he's the patron saint of adoption! ;)