Sunday, December 6, 2009

Okay is (not) Alright with Me

Sooo...I went to my spiritual director yesterday and got a nice little kick in the pants. This is how it is people: when you think you are doing okay, this is usually a sign that you are NOT :) Complacency or being 'comfortable' is never totally okay in the spiritual life, sad but true. It is when we are uncomfortable that we 'get to grow'. Bah. So just consider the spiritual life a constant kick in the pants. Great.

So I walk in there and tell him, 'I'm great! Things are great. Finished the novena. It was great. I think I'm doing just great.'

Then he was like, 'Great! Now, what are you doing about Advent?'

Advent ALWAYS sneaks up on me- didn't I tell you? I worry about preparing for it, and then a week goes by and suddenly I'm in Ohio sitting at my Babci's eating pierogies ( YOU KNOW they are GOOD. Real deal, folks) and have totally forgotten I even planned an Advent resolution. Oh, well- better luck next year!

See, my intentions are always good. I told Father, 'Well, I've been prayiing about what to do for Advent. I WANT to do something" But apparently, good intentions are not the same as DOING SOMETHING. He was like, 'Well, um,'s already the 2nd Sunday of Advent". Point taken.

So he gave me homework. I have to come up with a resolution by today people. TODAY. I think I am going to commit to blogging on each Sunday of Advent, because this has been a significant way for me to meditate and share. He also suggested using images and art in my prayer to help jump start because, let's face it- this grad student gets plenty of WORDS lately.

And then he brought up the whole cheezy gift thing ( Which he also acknowledged the image may be trite and cheezy, which I appreciated ;) that Christmas IS Jesus' birthday after all (or that day on which we choose to recognize it ;)and so we GIVE PEOPLE STUFF on their birthdays. WHAT AM I GOING TO GIVE JESUS for CHRISTMAS? giving. Here's the thing. I DO like to give people gifts. Side story- I went to Anthropologie yesterday which I love SO much I even link it to this blog. I KNOW it's over-priced kitchyware and the like, but you KNOW i am a girl of DISCERNMENT, people. It's like with media intake- you have to be DISCERNING. DON'T buy the $288 purse. Go straight to the Sale room and don't even fantasize. YOU CAN FIND $40 SWEATERS and then TELL everyone you bought it at Anthrolopologie and they THINK you dropped $180. You are welcome.

Anyways, that was a huge digression. All to say, I went. I bought. And it was not for me! It is going to be a very Merry Anthropologie Christmas for SOME good girls in my life this year! And it made me SOoooo excited to buy the gifts. I wanted to even spend MORE because I just know how much enjoyment my friends, relatives will have. But my credit card bill said NO. Silly credit card. Bah humbug.

But going to Anthropologie's Sale Room for my friends is easy. No brainer. I know they will love such things. But what about those gifts for people who are hard to shop for. Like my DAD. He never wants anything, but deserves the world. I just feel like nothing would be perfect enough, good enough and maybe those are my ISSUES. But do know what I'm saying?

Shopping for the perfect gift is STRESSFUL.

So what the heck am I going to GIVE JESUS. He is well...JESUS. This makes Him simultaneously the most difficult and easiest man to 'shop' for. Most difficult because I feel nothing could be perfect enough, good enough, but easiest because He usually accepts anything and doesn't ever even make that face that I make EVERY CHRISTMAS when I get something and internally think, 'really? This fuzzy jumpsuit made you think of ME? Really?' HE DOESN'T DO THAT.

So I guess I should stop stressing out about what to give Him and just DO SOMETHING already. Other than just make metaphors for shopping for Jesus. 'Cause really I could do that forever:

With Jesus, sales are never final (Hey-oh!)

With Jesus, one-size fits all (bud-dump, ching!)

Alright, I'll stop there. But feel free to comment with your a.) Advent resolutions b.) shopping for Jesus metaphors c.) any comments, thoughts, and concerns as per usual :)

Ps- the title of this blogpost is inspired by an Eric Hutchinson song. Just an FYI. If you don't know him, you should.


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