Tuesday, December 29, 2009

An Attitude of Gratitude

Last year for Christmas my roomie got me an Ann Taintor(if you don't know, you bettah ask somebody...or click on the link) tag for my suitcase that says, 'An Attitude is a Terrible Thing to Waste'. Insinuating MY attitude that is generally one of sass (which it is and usually serves me well, particularly in cases of this blog).

I've been told before in the sin bin to work on my attitude (and not just my one of sass) but to develop an attitude of GRATITUDE. We all let bitterness and- dare I even say- the sin of ENVY get to us. And I know, for a post-Christmas post, ENVY isn't exactly the topic one would choose. But I think this sin certainly happens at Christmas, whether it be eyeing that Wii or EnV3 phone that someone else got (just saying) or comparing ourselves to family members or other families who might have what we want, blah, blah, blah. The devil GETS US at Christmas. He KNOWS its the greatest season of love and he HATES it.

So every once in a while, when that sin of envy creeps in...we have the virtue to combat it, which is GRATITUDE.

This Christmas I found myself in the sin bin because- as predicted- suddenly it was Christmas and I hadn't reflected on the greatness of the GIFT of SALVATION and LOVE that IS Christ Himself at Christmas. Sigh. I also found myself envying others who had changes happening in 2009 or already 2010. Friends getting married, having babies...the usual ;)

I had just prayed this novena to have PEACE and decided on the theme of HOPE for the new year and already the devil is trying to deflate my peace and confidence in the Lord. BOO!

God did give my family and I a sign of His Promise, though, on Christmas Day! Not just through His Son, but as my parents and I were driving to my aunt's with my Grandma, it was sunny but raining slightly. Of course, we were looking for a rainbow, and we found one! A FULL one! I definitely took this as a sign of hope and God telling us everything is gonna be alright. He's taking care of His promises.

And so, I write this blog, to reflect on the things I am GRATEFUL for in 09 to have HOPE for '10!

- I am grateful for my friends and family that I have gotten closer with this year. Particularly my new bro-in-law and friends who like to tweet and blog :)

- I am sooo grateful for the opportunity to go to grad school! And for my grad program.

- I am thankful to have a job.

- I am thankful to have the peace in prayer that I was perhaps lacking earlier this year, late last year.

- I am grateful to go on RETREAT in just under TWO WEEKS with my friends!! WHOO HOO!

- I am grateful for spiritual direction. HOLLER!

- I am grateful for health and health of my family members.

- I AM grateful for the Love Christ gives at Christmas and the HOPE of the NEW YEAR!

I could go on and on, but I wont :) I hope you all are able to reflect on the gifts you received this Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy NEW YEAR! 2010 is a year of HOPE! ;) Get it!


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Thomas Joseph said...

LOVE this post. :) I am always trying to work on my attitude of gratitude. I am VERY grateful for YOU! Can't wait for our retreat...