Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sara Smile...(and so will I!)

Me, Chris, my teammate from NET and Sara, the bride!

So my team leader from NET got married last weekend. This is the first of 3 late summer/early fall weddings I have, the next being my cousin's and my sister's! Crazy!

Sara's wedding was different than many of the ones that I'd been to- no country club reception, no cocktail hour- I mean, some people wore jeans, which is just how they do it in TX, I guess!

I was a bridesmaid (dress #6! but who's counting?) but she just let us wear any black dress, which I was SO grateful for! N0 $200 standard strapless satin this time! Everything was very laid back, which made it so fun. It truly was just about her and Josh and their families.

And to top the weekend off, I got to go to a Hall and Oates concert! Yes, I said it. Hall and Oates, people. It perhaps made me more than inappropriately happy for a 28 year old, but Kiss on My List was #1 on the charts the day I was born and Maneater was #1 on the day my sister Janet was born...coincidence? I think not.

Anyways, they played all the hits, and it was definitely the most perfect 80's-licious concert I'd seen since, well, New Kids last fall ;)

I'm trying to see if Air Supply will reunite next...here's hoping!

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