Thursday, April 2, 2009


So this builds a little bit off of what I prayed and posted about the other day.

Today's Gospel has the disciples wondering about what in the world Jesus means about eternal life. He tells them that those who follow Him will live forever, but they know that the holy men before them- Abraham, Moses, etc.- are 'dead'.What could this man be talking about!?

But we- His disciples today- know what He means. It's the whole hindsight, after the fact thing. I was just talking with a friend from NET last night about how I've had many moments like that in my life; the whole experience(s) of NET and religious life being two of them. Hindsight, they were truly blessed experiences that helped shape me, make me who God has created me to be. But at the time I was think..."really?? THIS is what you wanted me to do God???"

We as humans, we want to put the clues together NOW. This is why Faith and Science often butt heads in our culture. We want to put the clues together to find the revelation ourselves. But God does things different, and He wants to do things for us. He gives us the clues- like His telling His disciples over and over again that He is the Messiah- and THEN gives the full revelation of His Resurrection. This is why we can look back at the 'NET' or 'convent' moments of our lives and say...'OH! THAT'S what He was doing'. The clues are there to add to our faith and belief in the revelation...albeit after the fact. But then we can believe the revelation for what it really is because we go back and see the clues He gave us all along.

Does this way of going about things make much sense to us? Probably not. Because we are human and logical and practical. God is supernatural and mystical! But I believe that if we pray and learn His unique patterns and BELIEVE enough, we can better anticipate His movements......does that make sense?

Anyways, that really doesn't help too much, I know, because if you are like me, I don't want to wait for the revelation! I too just want to put the pieces together NOW! But how could the disciples possibly even have imagined what He meant by the Resurrection??

So too (maybe, just maybe!) God is planning something UNIMAGINABLE for us.

There's your message of hope for the day! (You will also notice I had the 'revelation' to change my blog layout :)

Love you all!

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Thomas Joseph said...

I REALLY need to remind myself of this daily. And it doesn't help that I struggle with patience! I am ready for the answers NOW! I am ready for the revelation immediately. ;)

You are so right... I have had many moments where I could look back and see God's guiding hand in a given situation. Unfortunately it often happens many years later. This is one major reason for our prayer! We must pray so that God's grace is guiding us in the present moment, even though we don't know where.