Thursday, September 11, 2008

Winds of (hair) Change

It's been a year of changes, and I've learned to listen to the movements of the Spirit stirring. A wind that prompts me to make a move.

Is it possible that the Spirit also prompts changes in haircolor?

I really don't know what made me do it, otherwise. Now, I'm not equating discerning religious life with dying my hair, but both promptings kind of just seemed like the right thing at the time, and both are major changes! And both decisions have proved that people support me no matter what (though I've yet to hear what everyone's reaction to the hair yet, I'm basing this assumption on support received from entering convent life, a little more controversial ;)

What can I say? The Spirit makes me fearless! ;)

Okay, so maybe it's a little Carrie from the 'Sex and the City' movie after Big and her decide to call off the wedding, but I don't really think that's the case for me. I really can't say what made me go to 'the dark side', (so to speak) I just was toying with the idea, and took a poll amongst friends. (This is part of the discernment process, by the's good to ask people what they think of the idea of you entering a community, religious life, etc. Also when making hair appointments too, apparently!)

All friends said they thought it would be a match, so like discernment processes before, I took the leap!

And the evil spirits always interfere (I'm totally kidding about evil spirits actually caring about my hair care process, btw) but it actually almost looked like it wasn't going to happen because my salon called last minute to reschedule because they had overbooked or something. Gasp!! This was a major change that you have to psych yourself up for! I had mentally prepared myself all week for this! Didn't they know this?!

So I rescheduled, but in a renegade manor, Stephanie encouraged me to find a different salon that would do it today! Now! As planned! And I think it was the right decision. The woman was really straight forward and honest- she asks me right off the bat, "are you gonna cry?" haha. I appreciated that! (and no, I didn't, btw- again, mental preparation!)

And so adding to the list of changes that have occured this year, I've gone from blonde to brunette. Not quite as life changing, and not sure how long the change with last...but perhaps until the Spirit moves again!


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