Friday, September 5, 2008

Jingers and Current Obsessions

In order to update you on my life, I must explain the use of the name, "Jinger".

This originated with my current roommate, Susan Tramazzo. Well, scratch that, it actually originated with that "uber-Christian family with 18 kids who name them all J names" (you know who I'm talking about...if not, read this: But Susan is the first one of us who noticed that in their attempt to name their kids with the letter 'J', they had named one of their kids "JINGER".

How would you read and pronounce this name? If you answered like "GINGER", then you are the minority, but did pronounce it the way this family intended.

If you are like Susan, Stephanie, and I you read "JING-er". Like as in "JING-le". AS in rhymes with "Ding" and "Sing".

Now I come from a family where the family members are all named with J names. Granted, there are only four of us all together, but I can somewhat empathesize with the family's intent to unite the children with a common initial. Still, there are plenty of J names the Duggar's haven't used yet. Like mine and my sister's names, for two.

Anyways, what does this have to do with me other than my name begins with J? Well, as I said, Susan found this sad but hilarious and we kind of started coming up with our own conotations for the name Jinger (pronounced as it looks- Jinger with a capital JING).

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Jinger? Doesn't it sound like a name for bad person? As in, "you are a dirty little jinger?" We think so.

And so we have taken to calling one another 'jingers' and our new house in Silver Spring has become the Jinger home. Jinger, not only used in the Proper noun sense, as in "the house of Jinger", but we've taken 'jinger' to be an adjective, too. Like a you know...a jinger home. No?

Not all of this may make sense, but I guarantee it made you think. And if nothing else feel really sorry for the girl whose name is actually Jinger.

All of this to say, the Jingers- Susan, Steph, and I- are settled into our jinger home and really liking it! The house had some quirks- we had trouble with the washer, floors, etc- but such is the saga of renting. But we are now making the home our own and cant' wait to host our first guests and party! We'll let you know!

As for other current obsessions, other than the use of the word 'jinger', we have taken to quoting and watching Arrested Development. I know this show is five years old and canceled, but I didn't have cable in the last place I was staying in Alexandria, so I watched the first 2 seasons of Arrested Development dvds. I've now had to purchase them for my current jinger home, because Stephanie is also a fan and we've recruited Susan. The type of humor on that show compliments our jinger usage well. I'm pretty sure that if G.O.B knew the name Jinger existed he could empathize, because he also struggles with the usage of a hard vs. soft 'G' in his name.

This jinger is done for now- 'til the next update-

Lil' Jinger

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