Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Grapevine Article

The week that I entered, someone at St. Jude's back in Elyria asked me to write an article about my vocation for the parish newsletter, "The Grapevine". Here is the link to the newsletter:

(I didn't come up with the title- they wanted me to use that title for some reason. I had just turned off my cell phone)


The Grammarian said...

Great piece, Julia. I know you will continue to say YES each day. And continue to pay forward what that "offensive" nun paid to you: interest in your spiritual life, your spiritual direction.

When I converted a few years ago, I only understood a very small part of what conversion entailed. It involves daily conversion. A daily dying to self, so that we can live a richer life in Christ. Keep on...

llaupy said...


Thanks for sending out that link... It was good to read a little about what's going on in your world.

Your article was great. I actually love that title -- very fitting for the culture. I think turning off a cell phone is more radical than being celibate, no?

Anyway, you're a great writer.

Also, the mention of that Maximillian play. Could it be the same one I saw back in high school? Or maybe grade school? I remember our class had to go to this one man play downtown about Max. I mean, that was like 12 or 15 years ago. Geez. If it's the same dude, he's been on THE GRIND!

alrighty, hope all is well.


jconnors said...

"This is a no-cell-phone zone"

SO appropriate... your daily yeses are amazing. And fyi, the last time I was at St. John's those signs were still up... and Zack's still having a run for his money trying to get people to listen to them :). This article was really good, and I think a little bit of that nun may have rubbed off, if I can remember a certain quote from workcamp two years ago correctly :). Love you, God bless!!!