Monday, October 1, 2007

Benefit Dinner

Our Benefit Dinner to help support our Mission was held last night here in St. Louis. Not every community has such an event to raise money, but our community here in St. Louis is blessed to have a Board and enough patron support to host such an event. So we shmoozed and wined and dined...being a sister isn't a bad gig! :) People want to talk to you and it's a great way to evangelize the Word and our mission.
We honored the Bishop last night and a doctor and his wife for their work and advocacy against embryonic stem cell research. My sister Janet was able to come because we had some extra spots at some tables last minute. So needless to say, it was a very blessed event! And a big night for our community!!
Pictured above: Alina, Emily, and I (the postulants!), my sister Janet and I, me and the Sisters at the head table, and then the Bish.

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