Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Big Break

So this week is completely crazy, but I wanted to tell you about it! :)

Starting with Sunday, my free day: I met up with my former roomate from Leesburg's friend (did you follow that?) who lives in the Lou for brunch. She was sweet to treat me! As I am finding many do now since they realize I don't have an income and that is appreciated! There is an international film fest in town so we caught a very, very important and moving flick at the art museum. It was called: We are Together. It is about a South African family who are orphaned and suffering from the effects of AIDS but keep hope alive with their gift of song. So beautiful and inspiring. I recommend it!

Then I met my sister for dinner and we both met up with one of my friends from CUA for drinks. All in all another great free day!

Yesterday we had to give presentations as a project for one of our classes. We each had to gear our talk to a certain audience. Shocking- I chose teens as my audience :) I kind of felt bad because I had a slight advantage over the other girls :) but it wasn't a competition and we weren't graded. It was actually really interesting to see the different angles we took on the same topic- which was our congregation's devotion to Jesus as the Divine Master, Way, Truth, and Life (if you ever care to know more about that particular devotion, just ask me ;) I can tell you complete with movie clip and power point ;)

So that was yesterday. Today, I was on the radio!!!! Albeit Catholic AM radio, but it was a my big break on the airways. One of our Chicago sisters had told me she thought I had a voice nice for radio, so I think I may have a future :) I called to plug our 2 events this week- one which was tonight. Our Sacramental Theology teacher came to give a talk on the return of the Latin Mass at our Book Center. He is always very entertaining and informative and gives a straight forward approach which I appreciate. What was the result of the talk? Well, the Motu Proprio that the Pope gave pretty much just says the same thing as we had before- bishops and priest have the OPTION to do the 1962 Mass if they want at some Masses. Which was the case before with JP2, too, Benedict's just trying to encourage it a little more, it seems.

So that's today. TOMORROW and this weekend we are going to be exhibiting our wares at a Christian Brothers Conference in which our famed Media Studies Sister- Sr. Rose- will be speaking. I'm excited to meet her and hear what she has to say....since I want to BE her someday :)

Friday is our Faith and Film night, too! We are showing Spiderman II, and I was surprised in the message of the renunciation of will that is displayed in the film. I can relate to that theme!!!!

Thanks again for reading!!! you are in my prayers!


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Maria said...

which CUA friend? miss you!