Thursday, October 18, 2007

blogs and more blogs

Hi, friends! Sorry it's been a while- let me update you!

First of all, the postulants have started their new official blog:

you can check that out, though my blog here will probably be more detailed as the other will need to be appropriate for the Daughters' website :)

us postulants are also featured on our fellow sister from Chicago's blog:

I should explain the title-it's a play on the Sister's name- Sr. Helena Burns but the other conotation certainly applies!

Sr. Helena was actually just here in St. Louis visiting us! Sr. Helena and Sr. Thecla came from Chicago for a training session that Sr. Margaret Charles from Boston came down to lead. It was kind of like a sales rep training to train us for potential future promotion of our Center or future callings within the apostolate.

I am always so impressed with how the sisters love Jesus SO much and how He is first and foremost, but then run meetings like business people (though our meeting was in our living room with many coffee breaks in between :)

So that's been this week, meetings, meetings, class, formation, meetings....I actually kind of miss working in the Book Center!!

In Strukely news, I should brag a little about my family. Terry (dad) is currently pursuing his dream of being a folk music singer and has made an appearance on the Elyria coffeehouse circuit. Not kidding. Look out- this is how stars are made. So what if he's gonna be 57 next month? And Jeannette (mom) is making the business cards so you can book him at an open mic near you. He may have to open for my 3 cousins Emily, Hannah, and Olivia (ages 9,7, and 5) who are already doing the late night bar circuit. You think I'm joking?

Mom and Dad are also now OFFICIAL Rock and Roll Hall of Fame dossients and can take you on a tour officially. They had to write papers and take classes but hey, when you are talking about John Lennon and Bob Dylan, you can't mess around. Mom and Dad are also going to Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Wonder next is it that their 26 year old daughter is removing herself from the culture and her 56 year old parents get more into it?? God is hilarious.

FREE SUNDAY on Sunday!!! Janet has a performance/benefit, so since she came to mine, I'm gonna go to hers :) And then we shall relax in non-nylon attire ;) Since we both wear nylons everyday now!

Hope that blog was worth the wait- love you and miss you all! Especially missing the teens at St. John's lately :( All the talk of mission and ministry this week with training makes me want to get back out there!



The Grammarian said...

Julia, Clearly your parents have enough cool to go around, including to those who are unable to lead tours of the Rock Hall.

Maria said...

We can't wait to visit Mom and Dad Struks to go on the tour! yay! :) Miss and love you.

jconnors said...

AAAHH!!! Julia I miss you so much! And I totally know the feeling about parents... mine went on a weekend retreat with a bunch of bikers... yeah. Everything there sounds amazing, I'm sure you'll be able to handle the meetings, i mean you can run them blindfolded and backwards, or worse, with kids going to workcamp... haha :). Love you and miss you, I'm praying!!!
<3 Jackie