Saturday, August 4, 2012

Why I Shouldn't be Allowed at Bridal Showers

Here's the thing. If I ever get married, (which HAS been projected by Steve the financial planner for 2015, though moved from its original projected date of 2013... But MARK YOUR CALENDARS) you can just send all the gifts I registered for to my house. You don't even have to wrap them. I already know what you got me. (They actually take the guest's name when you purchase something off wedding registries now. The mystery is gone.) And I will send you a thank you text or tweet and save a tree from hand-written thank you cards. BETTER YET: I WILL LIVE TWEET the event. Deal?

I mean, people talk about how the Church is behind the times, but I think in many ways the bridal industry is keeping us in the 1950s. Women gathering around to watch other women open cooking ware and hand out dishtowels as prizes? Come on, ladies. If we are modern women in our other "lady ways", let's step up these traditions. Who's with me?!

Or maybe it's just me and I should be banned from all bridal showers. Exhibit A:

There's a lot going on on that recipe card. I totally got the recipe from my "Food" board on Pinterest...

First of all, I put the bride's name where you are actually supposed to put the item that the recipe is for. Sigh. You would think after all the showers I've been to.... Also, I totally just downloaded this recipe from a website. I mean, that's what the internet is FOR, right??

I don't want to crash and burn all of your bridal hopes and kitchen dreams, ladies. Clearly, a traditional bridal shower is just not for me. Gathering with other ladies to talk about lady things can be nice...I suppose...but for me those things are: alcohol. And maybe shopping.

However, I am getting REALLY good at making those bow bouquets:
Perhaps one day this skill will come in handy. You never know!



LPatter said...

Oh Struks, I love you SO much!

So you mean you didn't write Stephanie the recipe for a perfect marriage? (1 cup patience, pinch of sugar, 3 tbs good manners, etc?) I thought that would be just your style! ;)

I just had to turn down an invite to a shower called "Cocktails and Cupcakes" - the word shower wasn't even on there - but you can forego the traditional stuff for something up your alley when the big day comes...your crew would expect nothing less I'm certain!

Hope you are doing well my friend! I don't always remember to check in but when I do this blog always makes me smile!

lots of love,
Lauren P

Julia said...

Thanks, girl, for checking in and for your sweet comment! And I love hearing about
Cocktails and Cupcakes and non-traditional such events. Both of those things sound like something I could get behind. Though, just opening presents in front of people gives me anxiety. You know I have no Poker Face. If someone gives me a terrible gift, it shows. You should see me on Christmas! Love you too, girl! :)