Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to the Beginning

Well, the summer of awesome has come to a close. Sniff, sniff! (And it was an awesome summer! So many things! So many places!) I am so grateful for this summer. I think it was something that I really needed and I saw it in many ways as the answer to my prayer that I made back in January at our annual retreat.

This realization prompted me to look back at the entries I wrote in January, especially now as I begin a new school year. Beginnings always hold much hope. And I remember back in January I was looking for that hope.

Father focused the retreat on the Epiphany (the feast where the Magi visit the newborn Jesus) and our own searching. At one point we broke up into groups and he had us focus on the gifts the Magi actually brought to Jesus- gold, frankincense, and myrrh. You might recall that I had myrrh and that it was the oil that held a bitter sentiment.

I recalled this part of the retreat today, perhaps because maybe, just maybe I'm a little bitter about having to put an end to my fabulous travels and life of leisure and return to a routine. Some of the bitterness also has to do with my Pauline "thorn in my side" that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. But remembering that the gift of myrrh has much symbolism in Christ's sacrifice, helped me to want to offer these very small bitter sacrifices just like I did back at the beginning of this calendar year. I pray I can keep that attitude throughout this upcoming school year.

I feel like lately there have been soooo many prayer intentions that have come my way. I ask that you also pray for some my special intentions: friends whom have had parents and relatives pass away, my friend Dan who has leukemia, and in thanksgiving for my friend G who received another miracle with the adoption of her second child!

I have also been very grateful and humbled to have several people spontaneously tell me that they were thinking of or praying for me lately. I don't know if I should be concerned....nah. I'm just grateful. Thank you for your prayers. They are always welcome and appreciated!

My summer ended with a quick visit from my parents, which I am also grateful for. After 13 or so years, we still love taking in all that DC has to offer together. Here are some pics of us at various National monuments and treasures :

 My parents in front of a piece of the Berlin Wall at the Newseum...

 The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

I do have hope for the coming year because God has been faithful in honoring my prayers in the past. This year, however, is the year that the Holy Father has dubbed the Year of Faith. (Read the link for details!)

There are some pretty significant anniversaries in the Church linked with this year. I am excited to meditate on all the things "The Year of Faith" can mean/bring! And again, no one should be surprised that I'm excited about a new liturgical thing.

Happy New Year, kind of, in a way...again! :)


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