Saturday, March 31, 2012

5th Week of Lent?! Holy Week?! April?!

As you can tell, I was not prepared for the end of Lent and this coming month!

But at the very same time, oh, so very ready. The countdown to Spring Break pretty much began once we got back to school in January.

Looking back at Lent and towards Holy Week, I have a lot on my mind. This Lent was not my strongest, but I did find out the following things:

1.) I don't think I can become a vegetarian. That has been solidified.

2.) My 30s are going to be different than my 20s and that is a good thing.

3.) I don't have to always been discerning some "big thing" to draw me to God.

4.) I am grateful for the foundation God has laid for me, especially in the moments where it is difficult to see where God might be taking me.

And where I am going:

a.) I'm going to try and really engage in Holy Week, since my Lent was not as strong as I would have liked.

b.) I'm going to once again unite my experience of Triduum with the Exodus, Passover, and our Jewish roots.
(Here is also a cool reflection on a Christian song written about being God's "Beloved" and the Jewish roots of the Last Supper- two of my favorite things to reflect on!! ;)


I keep wanting to just jump to that last point, but there is a lot of praying and uniting myself to God before that :)

Speaking of uniting in prayer, if you all could PLEASE pray for my friend Dan from college. I may have mentioned him a couple of years ago when we found out he had leukemia. He was in remission, but we just recently found out he relapsed. He really needs your prayers. Thank you so much.

May your Holy Week be blessed and may you be drawn into the mystery of the saga of our Salvation History and the beauty of His covenant :)


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LPatter said...

love to you and to Danny L - if you talk to him send our love! I love reading your blog now and again - it's so YOU!

Lauren P in VT