Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Today I Figured Out Why I'm Single

Now, clearly I title this blogpost with my tongue in cheek as it were, but I was observing at my LAST grad school class of the semester (whoo hoo!) with my fellow classmates the demographics of our class. Observe with me, won't you?

- A Latina Sister

- An African Priest

- A consecrated Christian Brother

- 2 single young women (both teachers! myself and one other twenty something...)

- 1 married woman

- and 2 married men

We were commenting on what a great representation of the Church this is. So diverse! But I had to beg the question...

where's the young, single, cool lay-guy, huh? If this is the perfect demographic of people involved in the Church, then....

Sigh. This is why I am single ;)

There are many theories on why this dilemma exists in the Church (okay, so I named it a dilemma, and I have many theories ;) and my spiritual director is very helpful in affirming me that it's not me it's them... (okay, not in so many words, but...) Anyways, he is just encouraging me to persevere in just pursuing holiness as best I can in the state I am.

Alright, thus ends the single girl rant for now. I swear I feel like Carrie from Sex in the City typing about my foibles as a single girl (the Catholic edition, of course ;)

I've mentioned the last couple posts how excited I am to enter into Advent because I've needed a renewed sense of sacrifice and zeal. I love how the Church has these penitential seasons built in to lead us towards this kind of reflection.

Father also pointed out to me this week in spiritual direction that the word Advent is within the word "adventure". Heh. Clever! This also helps remind me that Advent is about beginnings. We have to trust that God has adventure and new beginnings for us this season.

Anyways, also on the plus side of all of this- it was my last class for the semester and I breathed a sigh of relief that I will never again be a first year teacher and a grad student at the same time!!

Hope your Advent is going well!


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