Thursday, December 16, 2010

My YM Friends Try Group GChat and Talk Liturgical Colors...WHAT?!

It was a cold, snowy night tonight, and as those of you who have been following my blog for a while know- DC shuts down when cold and snowy merge together.

And so I sat with nowhere to go- in my snuggie, on my couch with my computer as I let it snow (x3 ;) and decided to engage in gchat- something I had not done much of since I became a school teacher. (Gchat had served me well when I worked a 9-5 office job- just saying. And that Google Reader wasn't going to read ITSELF. Geez... ;)

Some friends I had met up with the night before for happy hour were online and invited me to chat as a group so we could chat about the next time we could meet up for drinks.

This group gchat thing was new to me, but I must say, it produced the most ridiculously awesome conversation that I just had to share.

*Disclaimer* my friends are also young women involved in youth ministry...oh, and a seminarian. Okay. You've been prepped/warned:

After coordinating a happy hour for next week (amid other things ;) we begin discussing the origin of why my roommates and I call each other "jinger". If you don't know, you better ask somebody. Or look here:

Sem: Tell me again why it is 'jinger?'

Me: Oh, Jinger is from the Duggar family, but it sounds dirty, so we've made it commonplace ;)

Friend 2: making dirty things commonplace, eh?

Friend 1: sounds about right

Sem: soon I'll be making sinful things clean

Friend 1: he threw the purple card.... he just threw the purple card!

Me: I was just saying my seminarian friends become more useful to me when they can "do the sacraments" :)

Sem: See Julia, you can have a 4th category for male friends.

(he is referring to my "rules" for guy friends. I simply just have too many, so I've made them choose one of three things to earn their keep. Well, ideally. For seminarian friends, it is more difficult. Another friend made this genius flowchart to help:

Me: hmmm...i'll think about it. i suppose i can keep you around if you can say Mass for me and make my soul clean

Sem: [ going back to the 'purple card' reference] Are you a liturgical ref, [Friend 1]? We'll have to get you a uniform for that...

Friend 2: Friend 1 has plenty of outfits that coordinate with liturgical seasons...

Me: haha! YES

Friend 2:...and holy days

Friend 1: it's true. sad, but true

Me: The Church needs to make Shitake mushroom a liturgical color...or taupe. I have lots of neutrals...

Friend 1: perhaps they could do taupe on days where we celebrate hermits? or desert fathers?!


Friend 1: st. john the baptist?

Me: indeed!

Friend 2: Friend 1, you're the only person i know that would get all exclamation pointy over desert fathers. well, maybe julia too...

Me: I love me my mystagogues, too. WHAT.

Sem: not a bad idea. Except for that whole beheading thing.. gotta go with red

Me: but JTB was Christ's COUSIN he should get his own color

Friend 2: omigosh it's raining church nerds in here.

Andddd.....scene :)

Just another gchat in the life of a youth minister!

Yeah, we need to get out more. Let's hope this snow doesn't last long! As much as I would love another snowpacolypse..



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