Sunday, January 24, 2010

Many and One

So after I wrote that rather ridiculous post yesterday and then actually did my HOMEWORK (aren't you proud, friends? I am blogging now AFTER I did my work ;) I found a few people who pretty much said what I was trying to say this past week a whole lot BETTER than I did. Namely because they are saints. Or on their way. (but aren't we all? Even if we are taking the "Augustine stance"- "Lord make me holy, but not yet?? ;)

1st- My subject title for this post is in referrence to a song (of course! Musical subject headings are my specialty ;) by Steve Angrisano whom I got to see again this last week and who has definitely been a gift and a help to me this past year. The lyrics to this song, seem to tie into this Sunday's 2nd reading: "We are Many, yet we are One. We are separate, yet bound in His Love." This bound in His Love idea I will revisit in a minute, but for now, it definitely adds reflection to Paul's idea that we each have gifts to share in the Body of Christ.

2.) St. John Chrysostom (Little known fact, "Chrysostom means 'golden-mouthed'. Now you know! Also, don't you think my teacher should give me an A+ this semester? Look at me applying my work... ;) was someone I had to research today and THEN I got a quote from him in the book I was using in prayer! LOVE when that happens!

Okay, so in that book that YES I HAVEN'T YET FINISHED by Cardinal Van Thuan he mentions St. JC's reflection on the '2 or 3 gathered in my name' concept and us being, if you will: "Many and One":

"What then? Are there not perhaps 2 or 3 gathered in his name? There are, yes, but rarely. In fact Jesus is not speaking simply of a material gathering....What he says has this meaning: if one keeps me as the principal motive of his love toward his neighbor, I will be with him...Today instead, we see that the major part of humanity has other motivations for their friendships; one loves because he is loved, another because he is honored, another because someone is useful to him...But it is difficult to find someone who loves for Christ, as one should one's neighbor...One who loves this way...even if he is hated, insulted, threatened with death- continues to love...."

This also ties into that 'Put a Ring on it' post I made last week. At least, looking at love this way and being connected to one another in Christ, I think helped me when I brought that thought again to prayer. Do we love to be honored? To be useful? Or do we see our call to love, in whatever vocation, truly that which mimics Christ?

I will leave you and ramble no more with this last quote that I thought awesome and appropriate today from C.V.T's infamous book (actually a quote from Chiara Lubich):

"If we are united, Jesus is among us. And this is enough. It is worth more than any other treasure that our heart can possess: more than mother, father, siblings, or children. It is worth more than a house, work, property, more than the works of art of a great city like Rome. Jesus in our midst is worth more than magnificent monuments, sumptuous mausoleums, or all the splendors of the Vatican; more than our soul!" - C. Lubich, Scritti Spirituali 3, Rome: 1979, p 176

Um, well said, Chiara. I couldn't have said it better myself. Clearly.

Until next time- Happy Sunday!

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Tom Bailey said...

That is a very powerful quote and a great one to share. I have never heard that quote before. Thanks for sharing it.

Tom Bailey