Sunday, January 3, 2010

To Know is to Love

The past 2 years I've been able to go to Philly to celebrate one of my fav people's bdays right after ringing in the New Year. The cake one of our friends brought got me thinking and inspired this post. Happy 29th, LC!

When I saw this cake at my friend's bday party yesterday it made me think a.) SO true about Laura! b.) Which Beatles' song is that quote from?? (You know that John and Jeannette raised us right with knowledge of the full Beatles' library!)

Turns out it is this one (Wikipedia does it again!)

And I again thought, just what a beautiful sentiment about my friend. She is SO unique in her character, spontenaity, celebration of life and others.

But could this lyric apply to all of us? And our relationship with God? I LOVE it when pop music gets us to reflect ;)

For example, if we gave more people the time of day on the streets? I love Twitter and texting as much (oh, alright, probably more!) than the next girl, but I do know this means we spend more time looking down at our phones than up at each other. Could we get to know and love someone we didn't think we could if we just looked up?

If we volunteered and took time to get to know the poor? Could we love them? If we got to know the people that we were afraid to love....could we love them?

Dorothy Day has a quote: "What we avert our eyes from today can be borne tomorrow when we have learned a little more about love." I think that goes alongside this quote "To Know (fill in your blank here) is to love him, her, them, etc."

And of course it is the same with God. The more we take time to get know Him, His Ways, the more we can Love Him.I know I get the most discourged when I don't think I know or understand God's ways, but that's just part of who HE is. We can't always know His ways, but we can KNOW that ABOUT Him and it shouldn't make us love Him any less (though it's a struggle for sure!) And because He KNOWS US better than ANYONE, He LOVES us more than ANYONE. Hmmm...I like thinking about that!

The New Year has already brought me a lot to reflect on from spending time with family friends and through this liturgical time of Christmas. I can't wait to bring it all to Him THIS WEEKEND when my friends and I will be going on retreat. You KNOW there will be much good to be blogged about after that!

Please pray for me and my 15 friends and spiritual director who will going on retreat Jan. 9-10. I trust in your prayers!

Though I may feel by looking at what I have in my life right now- My Five Loaves and Two Fish, if you will- that nothing has changed, SO much has happened in this past decade! I met college friends, grew deeper into my faith with Campus Ministry, Youth ministry, NET, religious life. I've traveled to Europe, Guatemala (twice!), all over the US, and I've lived in DC, VA, MD, MO, OH...who knows what the next 10 years will bring! Here's to HOPE!

Happy New Year!

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