Monday, October 26, 2009

My roomies and some of the women in our prayer group celebrating my dear friend and faithful blog reader/writer, Gina!

Okay, so this post is just to say a couple of things. (My mind is currently mush due to two papers due these next two weeks and the buhzillion different things my spiritual director gave me to work on on Sat.) So here are the basics:

a.) HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY(S) GINA and LORI!!! You two are such inspirations to me and my walk with the Lord, and your presence in my life and in our women's group is SUCH a GIFT. Praise God for both of you!!

b.) CHARITY is my word for the next part of this journey. Apparently, praying for PATIENCE is over-rated. My spiritual director practically scoffed at me: 'why would you pray for patience?!'. Apparently that increases suffering or something. Because of patience's latin root 'patio' which is to suffer. Awesome. Now you tell me. So charity is the new patience for me. It's a higher virtue- a theological one, to be exact(and the greatest!, shout out St. Paul!)-and if you think about it, it will produce patience if I am practicing charity. Win-win. Done and done. You can join me in my prayer for more opportunities to LOVE! So much better than suffering. Sheesh. Though the two go hand in hand, I know...but whatevs.

c.) I know I should be spending my time on said papers, but instead...I mean, in addition to...I've started a POPblog with my new BFF in pop culture crime, Laura. Check it out:

It may or may not (most likely not) do anything for your soul, but it may give you a laugh, which therein helps the soul, am I right?!

Alright. Maybe I should write a paper now. Can I get an MA in blogging???


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Thomas Joseph said...

Hooray! It was so great celebrating my big birthday with you. YOU are such a gift in my life! It has been a joy to walk this journey with you. You're always in my prayers. :)