Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Caring is Creepy

So I know I joke around alot on this blog and have kind of made it one of my personal missions to bring God 'down to our level'. But see, I don't even need to really do that 'cause He's already there. He 'gets' us. Or let me re-phrase: I attempt to show others in my own weak way that He is tangible, but He is already at our level because, well, He created us and knows us.

That all being said, there are moments that I'm sure we've all had where we realize how BIG God is. And this is not to scare us, but to remind us that, well, He's God after all.

I know that something I've been praying for this year IS to have Him reveal Himself to me in that big way again. And, as usual, He does so in mysterious, unexpected ways.

Fall is in full effect right now with it's color and it's weather- it's time of change. Guess I shouldn't be too surprised that it's now Jesus decides to let His mercy start to 'fall' as well.

It's also almost Halloween and it's always been a holiday I must say I get pretty into. I don't know if it's because I feel very in tune with spiritual things or what, but I am also not naive to the fact that these spirits include- Imma go ahead and say it- evil ones. And they are not to be played. For reals.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, while I may take somethings like this blog rather lightly, I want to say I do not take the spirits lightly. And as weird as that must sound, one of the ways that God has just kind of rained down on me is to remind me that He is God, and while He is victorious over evil, it's still pretty real and we have to be on our guard.

Is that creepy/Halloweenish enough for you? Yeah, I thought so. It's for real! Evil is for real! Yeah, I don't like it either! I'm JUST SAYING!

I don't think I have to go into a history lesson, but Halloween started as a religious thing. A way to scare off evil spirits before All Saints Day which follows. Now, I usually just try to come up with a costume that is current and creative, so my Rachel Zoe get-up isn't scaring ANYBODY, but TRUST that while I may not be off-setting evil with my attire, I will be packing a punch with my prayer! You feel me??

So all I'm saying is, while it's very cool and important to keep it casual with our God, we also need to be on our guard. That's all I'm saying. Sorry if that creeps you out, but 'tis the season, I suppose!

Please join me in the prayer this Halloween/All Saints/All Souls season to really reflect on the spirits and the soul and to cast out anything in this realm that, well, just isn't good. Thanks!!


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