Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blessings and Booze

Ha! So my friend and I decided this subject heading would be a great title for this blog or for perhaps maybe my memoirs one day. It really was spawned because she keeps a blog called Baking, Books, and Booze (you should check it out- it's hilarious and has some great recipes and book recommendations! Shout out, E!)

And also because one of the wineries I like to frequent out in Leesburg, VA is having this event that I think is genius and wish I could go to!(see 2nd Annual Blessing of the Harvest)

Blessings and Booze? Yes please!

Last Sunday, my aforementioned friend and I did the best. thing. ever. We rented a limo to take us and 8 other people to three of our favorite wineries (not the aforementioned winery, though. Next time!)

I really recommend this as a way to travel- especially when alcohol is involved! It was a blessing. On so many levels. To be altogether with friends, enjoying God's great creation (rolling hills, fermented grapes... someone give me a Nature badge) and just celebrating life. Here are some pics from our day out in the 'burg (Middleburg, that is!):

And it reminded me that I really need to remember the simple pleasures and blessings in my life. No, really!

Re-reading my past few blogs, I am pretty proud of myself! This pessimistic realist has been quite hopeful, it seems! I was down a little bit yesterday, because when I approach my 'situation' from a negative angle ('I can't believe I'm still in this job, still in this state of unknowing when everyone around me has their prayers answered, etc.'), sure- that's no fun and leads to nowhere! But when I think of how much God has given me- the blessings of a healthy family, roof over my head, friends, WINETASTING EXCURSIONS,as Hallmark Movie as that may seem, it does give me hope.

And as I've mentioned before, reading the Bible helps. And Confession. It just reminds me these things are tools given to us for a reason! When I'm not reading God's Word or have a bunch of smelly sin built up, I totally feel pessimistic. Who's surprised? Nobody.

Speaking of keeping it simple (er, stupid? can I get a K.I.S.S.? ha! oh, on so many levels, though...) the readings today were a good reminder of the simple values we as Christians keep to keep us on track (and I realize I'm like embedded hyperlink happy apologies)

So I'm keepin' on keepin' on, hoping in the Word....going to be witnessing my sister, Janet GETTING MARRIED this weekend. That's going to be intense and most likely blogworthy.

Yes bridesmaid's dress #7 will be involved, but I'm thinking I've saved the best for LAST :)(and mostly because I don't plan on buying bridesmaid satin ever. again. That means YOU, friends! :)

Peace and HOPE,

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