Friday, March 27, 2009

Fun with Media

First, I want to share with you all some things I thoroughly enjoyed today in the April 09 edition of Sojourners:

1.) an article from THE Jean Vanier!! (As many of you know, one of my heroes. I got so into Community and Growth and From Brokenness to Community, that I went and joined a religious order! Well, that was not the only catalyst, obviously, but as the postulants heard me say many a time in our study last year a la the book of Jeremiah on the 'joys' of community: 'You duped me Jean Vanier, and I let myself be duped...')Here's the article:

2.) A feature of one of the L'Arche core members that I work with! Eileen is awesome, we do a little dance each time we brush and use mouthwash. And she always asks about my family and my uncle each time I see her:

Okay, now onto my own personal experience with the Media as of late:

I'll be on a Sirius XM Catholic radio show next Wed- April 1st- at 1pm. Not sure what I'll be talking about quite yet, but it's a Social Justice themed show, and someone from the Board of the Directors where I currently work nominated me, so probably something about volunteering. The show is supposedly focusing on young Catholics doing 'good things'... little do they know....ha!

So if you have Sirius radio, tune into the Catholic Channel next Wed, April 1st at 1pm! Hopefully, you'll hear me and I won't sound too ridiculous! Say some prayers!!

I must admit, I myself do not partake in a lot of 'Catholic media' myself. I don't watch much EWTN and the like. It just doesn't appeal to me. Obviously, I love the prayers and traditions they teach and share, but I don't love the way they go about doing so necessarily. And I don't have satellite radio. So in order to research the channel, my co-worker and I were listening to some of the shows off of her Sirius account yesterday. The hosts of a different Catholic show were talking about who they would select to be the 'patron saint' of their show. They were putting the saints in 'brackets' and pitting them against each other. For example, St. Paul, you will be happy to know, was the #1 pick. St. Peter was like #6, St. Lawrence #11 and so on....My co-worker who is Methodist, was quite fascinated I think, by this whole thing. I, again, couldn't decide if I was into it or not. It's cool that we have these saints to call on for things- but to make your whole show about it? Is that really all that relevant/entertaining? I don't know. Thoughts? Concerns?

(Patron Saints of this blog of course: #1- St. Paul, #2- St. Therese, #3- St. Casimir (Polish saint, holler!:

My goal is to one day, of course, BE that host. Again, not sure what we would talk about, but I think it would be relevant and fun :)

Thanks again for reading!

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