Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Special Place

So it's been a special week in a special place I like to call St. Louis, MO. I really do like this town. It's got a nice city feel to it, even in the suburbs. And these people love their Church... and their crazy art.

All the classes I've taken through the diocese have been great, many holy priests, and we've met so many people faithful to the Church here.

We've also found some really crazy places of art!

So two of my favorite things in one city: the Catholic Church alive and well, and abstract art!

On Monday of this week Alina and I once again went an a recylcing jaunt which always puts us in high spirits. Seriously- if you don't believe me, see the pics I posted from a few weeks ago.

And as usual, we pro-long our jaunts and explore the surrounding area before returning to the convent ;)

This week we stumbled upon a truly special place. For those of you who have facebook, I posted a whole album of pictures.

We had always passed signs for a "sculpture park" on our way back to the convent, but we had no idea that it was acutally acres and acres of woods and land with HUGE abstract structures in random places....

it is special because not only is it striking, weird art, but it's in the middle of the suburbs.

Anyways, it was mind boggling for Alina and I and we spent a good portion of our Monday morning there (instead of studying...whoops!)

Emily's brother came into town this week and so we had to take the two of them to our special place. Yesterday we went to the City Museum (also have old pics posted from when we went w/sisters around Christmas) AND the special much crazy art can you experience in one day?? We were trying to find out!

Enjoy the special pictures from the special place...and please say some prayers for me. We are starting to pray about whether or not we want to continue postulancy for another year. I've talked to my formator a couple times already this week and I have a lot to pray about. It's been a blessed year, but a hard year. I know there is supposed to be much 'death' and sacrifice, but in the hope of giving life. I miss my old life alot still, and I know God wants me to be happy, I am still discerning where I can best use the gifts He's given me. So please pray for us! Thanks!


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