Monday, March 10, 2008

I wrote this awesome entry about a crazy story that happened here in the convent involving me, three nuns, and a coffeemaker. But Blogger decided not to save it and it was a really long story, so if you care for me to recount the story, just ask me to tell you the story of "One Cup". Alina even made me a t-shirt commemorating and aiding my re-telling of the story. I've included the picture of the t-shirt (yes, it is my first year workcamp shirt doctored up), so that may spark your interest. It's better in person, I think...which I'll be able to tell to some of you IN person in....80 days!

It's officially 80 days until our break. We've started a countdown. Is that weird? It's not a bad thing, like we want to leave, we are all just looking forward to going to our respective homes (we being the postulants). We have been given May 30-June 21 for our break, so I hope to go home to Elyria, then head down to DC for the first weekend in June, and then Chicago to visit my cousin and go to a wedding June 14th.

We (the postulants again) will be spending July in Boston to take some classes. I really, really hope to go to my BFF Catherine's wedding in July, so if you could pray for that, I'd appreciate God's will on that one! I know I've been to a ton of weddings, but this one is really important!! :)

My parents were just in town for my sister's spring performance. I went too and it was a really great show. The first two works were very modern and the second piece in particular (Circle of Fifths) I really liked 'cause it was so abstract. Then we all got to hang out with a family which is always nice. I still can't believe how much God has given me this great consolation of having my family so easily accesible in St. Louis!

We (the St. Louis community this time :) are doing a bunch of exhibits these next couple weeks. The Archdiocese has a Men's Conference which they expect 1,000 men to attend and Sr. Laura and I are going to have a display of our books there. Then, Sr. Laura, Sr. Jerome, Emily and I are going on a ROAD TRIP to Indianapolis to a big National Religious Educators' conference during Easter Week. We'll be there all week! I'm looking forward to that. A change of scenery always does me good!

So that's my update. Again, I'm so bummed that blogger didn't save my One Cup story. Enjoy the picture and savor the phrase: "I only made one cup". It can be a very spiritual reflection on community life...hmmmmm....

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