Sunday, September 16, 2007

This is how we do it

Finally I can sport a funnier title for a funnier blog.

The idea that nuns/sisters cannot have "fun" is oh so wrong. This has been a crazy, great week with lots of laughs!

It's cool because we may not do exciting things (our big nights out this week were going to the local church picnic) but we have fun with what we do. Even working the Book Center provides us lots of laughs.

I think the highlight of this week was the 2nd night at the Church picnic, last night. Sr. Jerome, Alina, Emily, and myself went to eat some dinner and check out the games and prizes. They had those crazy themed baskets which I know well from fundraising for Workcamp at St. John's. And you could buy tickets and put your name in for which basket you wanted the most.

I had to take a moment and say "this is my life" when Sr. Jerome came back and said she had put some money in for the tupperware basket. Sigh. But then she said, "and also the Starbucks basket right next to it".

Now, I will say again, it is the little joys in life. And I thought, wouldn't it be funny if the nuns won a basket? So I said a little prayer (outloud to the table), "Jesus, if it be in Your Will for us to win the Starbucks, let it be done." Quite, a fiat, no? ;)

So we ate and walked and shmoozed with parishoners and then the time came for the DJ and announcing of the basket winners.

I NEVER win anything. I'm like the worst luck in the world. But that night, I had a feeling. I had a feeling that when Father drew a name, I could almost hear him saying "Daughters of St. Paul".

The tupperware basket- nope. Gift card basket- nada. Then, "and the Starbucks basket goes to...

The Daughters of St. Paul!"

We 3 postulants just screamed and clapped. The whole picnic turned to look at us. What a sight we must've been. But that's not the best part....

Sr Jerome (who we've unofficially named J-Ro, we're still deciding whether or not it's okay to call her that officially ;) says, "well, go claim it!" to me. And I must do as I'm told...

I'm NOT lying. As soon as I walk up to claim the prize the DJ starts playing...

Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake.

Jesus loves me. And I know because these are the signs He gives me.

What are the odds? Winning a Starbucks basket full of COFFEE AND hearing Justin at a CHURCH picnic?!?

Okay, so my life's not that exciting. But the Lord is good to me :)

Going to Six Flags today with my sister Janet. Can't wait to wear JEANS and be among the people! ;)



fr. Matt, OFM Conv. said...

wohoo!!! i am glad that things are going so well!

The Grammarian said...

God's revelations are keen and full of good humor, and that is why I know that you will make it...b/c you are aware of the nuances of God's subtle comedy :)

Maria said...

i'm laughing and crying happy tears while reading this post! i'm so happy for you. God is so good! miss you!!!