Sunday, August 12, 2007

Getting Started

Hi, friends! Hopefully this blog will be the new home of many wonderful insights, memories, and stories for all of us to share and give glory to God. I will humbly try to post any tidbits or tales that I have in order to keep you updated on my new life living with the Daughters of St. Paul in St. Louis. Feel free to comment and post yourself! This is a group effort. And as always, it is in Him that we are united and share His Goodness and glory!

So my parents came and picked me up in VA on Sat. Aug 11. We packed the truck and cars in record time (no, I did not have enough stuff to fill all three vehicles. Please- I'm trying to detach! The previous week was devoted to donating my wares! But I ended up taking my car back to Ohio to sell back to the dealer, etc., etc...and so we each ended up driving a vehicle back to Ohio). I am currently chilling in Elyria still giving much time to organizing, sorting, and getting rid of clutter. The physical clutter has been decreased to a minimum, but the clutter in my mind still currently exists. I'm hoping to make a retreat day sometime this week, perhaps on the Feast of the Assumption. Our Lady always hooks me up and helps me out. I'm sure she can handle taking some prayers up with Her as we honor Her assumption into heaven.

Until then, I sort through the stuff I've acquired over the years and hope to spend time relaxing with people I love. So far I've achieved this by seeing my partner in crime, Cathy, and favorite former co-choir cohort, Christina. I went to an Indians game today too. They played the Yankees and I reflected on how my last memory of a Yankees game was getting kicked out of Yankee stadium with CUA's Senior Class. Needless to say, this match-up was much more mild. We're chill here in Ohio.

So that's it for now! I hope to hear from you all and I hope this serves as a good tool for all of us keeping in touch! I still have my MySpace account right now, but I'm debating getting rid of it. One social networking tool should be enough for the convent and right now it's all about Facebook :)

See you online!

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