Saturday, September 22, 2012

Reaping the Harvest

I know I constantly talk about the spiritual cycle and also how I love all of the things about Fall.

See exhibit A from last year

Exhibit B from year prior (just the last bit on harvesting of my FAVORITE things about fall: FALL WINE! And it comes so timely: just as school starts. THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES, people!)

I was reflecting this week on how great a week it had been. School seemed to go smoothly and quickly as we've "fallen" into the routine, the weather was starting to become just right for a light jacket, and all felt right in the world....


To speak ONCE AGAIN about the cycle of life, there is no coincidence that it is many a person's favorite season. (this is only my 2nd favorite McSweeney's article on fall. The 1st is too profane to link as I have previously mentioned last year, but enjoy!)

My mood is always heavily affected by the weather and so winter is THE WORST. Things outside die and I feel dead inside (Okay, that was a bit dramatic, but you get the point). Spring starts to bring about some life and I get excited to see the sun again, but Spring and Summer can still be WORK. (Well, not really anymore since I've taken up teaching....but....hmmm. Maybe I'm not the greatest example of this...)  But it's hot out and (if and when) we are working, there is sweat on our brow and while we may get some days at the beach, they are much deserved because we've been working to maintain whatever is we are trying to maintain throughout the year (for some of us, it's just a tan :)

My point is, by fall we are ready to reap the harvest of our year's efforts! We have fruit to show for the hard labor we've put in for the year,  and we are ready to slow down and enjoy the nice weather that comes with these fruits.

The school year can confuse us a bit because we've really just started, but in reality, we are nine+ months into the year! A BABY could be produced by this time! New Life! (I think my body just broke out into hives a little bit with the mention of babies, or it could just be my seasonal allergies, but again, YOU GET MY POINT). A lot has happened in these past nine months of 2012 and now it's time to start enjoying our efforts before the cold comes again and takes it all away.

So reap and enjoy this harvest! We will give thanks for it at the END of fall, but Imma start enjoying it from the get-go. Glass of wine, anyone? Pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING?! Let's DO THIS.


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