Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eye on the Prize: April Rools. (Heh.)

Lent Week 3 came and went and without much resolve in my Lenten promises, unfortunately. I'm still working on 'em, but I haven't been as valiant this Lent as I had hoped. I blame part of the reason on the added temptations associated with the FREAKING LONG distance between now and SPRING BREAK. Humph. A late Easter= late Spring Break at school, and both kids and teachers are starting to go out of their minds. Where Jan and Feb brought at least a couple snow days and some long holiday weekends, March brought none of the above. AND we still have 3 more weeks 'til any reprieve! Ahh!!!

I couldn't find any clever comics or non-obscene pics regarding 'Spring Break', so I thought I'd use this pic of my friend Christine's chair from our FL trip last year. No doubt there is a margarita in a solo cup somewhere behind that towel. Or maybe just in my hand, perhaps. Definitely in my hand, actually.

And so the devil seems to have more time to work on me between now and that week of Easter bliss. The monotony of week after week is certainly is grating on me. That's why I was SO grateful to have a little break and go to visit friends in Richmond last weekend. AND I'm super stoked because this coming weekend I'm going on another VA resort getaway! Huzzah!

Then my cousins will be in town, then it's Birthday/Triduum time, and THEN Alleluia! He is RISEN (AND I GET SPRING BREAK. In Florida. Praise the good Lord!)

I probably should've taken advantage of the time I had in March to reflect as April is going to speed up significantly. But hindsight is 20/20, eh? All I can do is forge ahead and continue to renew my resolutions 'til the end.

Spring does seem to be taking forever to come our way after another long winter, but we know the promise of new life when it does finally come is going to be great. We have to trust in that hope of renewal- that it WILL come! (Like right about now when we are going out of our minds waiting )

I mean...Imma be the Big 30 soon! I don't think I've totally grappled with it, though I surrendered to it a long time ago. Last night, I was with some friends who were in town and we realized I was only 1 of 2 of us out of about 10 in the room still in his/her 20s. I had forgotten that I even still was! Is that sad? I mean, LIVE IN THE NOW, right?
Thanks, Garth, for the sobering advice.

I guess I have been preparing myself so the change won't come as a blow, but at the same time I also need to focus on the present and enjoy what it means to be where I'm at.

Okay, back to Lent. Today's readings had kind of a 'healing' theme to them. The anointing of David- an unlikely king, Psalm 23, St. Paul's call for us to 'Arise', and the healing of the Blind Man.

The theme of healing has been huge for me lately as I have had some pretty specific things happen to teens in one particular class I am teaching this year. I remember how much junior year in high school sucked. There is so much pressure academically, socially, and your body is telling you stupid things. I have always known this class was hurting, but sometimes let their negative attitudes get the best of me. I wasn't being totally conscious of their suffering. Usually when someone is nasty to you, it's not you- it's them. I've known that with these teens, but instead of chalking their sour attitudes to teen angst, I'm really trying to be conscious of what type of healing they are each in need of.

Appropriately, we are starting the chapter of the Anointing of the Sick. Last semester I kind of breezed through this chapter. But this time, I'm really looking forward to using these lessons to open the kids up to Christ's healing power for their lives.

Only HE can touch and heal us. But the good news is, all we need is that touch. His touch is so powerful in the Gospel. I imagine the clay on my own eyes, my own skin. I probably wouldn't have believed, sadly, that when the clay washed off, I would see. But the blind man had faith. He probably was so excited for the possibilities.

I, too, am excited about the possibilities for the school year, for 30, etc. It's important we don't let fear hold back that excitement.

Christ, only say the word and I shall be healed. And may those words involve Spring and Break :) jk. A couple more weeks 'til Easter! Let's do this!! Peace, Julia

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