Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Media Moment

Blame it on the Grammys. Blame it on the Snow. Blame it on the al-al-al-coho...


For whatever reason, I have been blogging and Tweeting (using Twitter) like it's my JOB lately. And it kind of is. I do use and monitor both for the organization i work for too. So call it an occupational hazard :) But I've been realizing lately (and the Media Studies geek and me wonders why) that I have formed closer relationships with friends who read my blog, twitter feeds, and/or gchat with me on a regular basis.

Now, I was friends with these folks before all this social network business began, and I certainly have plenty of best buds who are TERRIBLE at even email! ;) But I am making the case that social networks- when used somewhat regularly- bring people closer together and add an extra level to that friendship. There is almost an added trust there because we connect with them on certain issues, have common interests already AND then they care enough to read about our thoughts regularly ;)

Hopefully, your friends in 'real life' match your values and interests and challenge you in real life too! I know my friends that also use Twitter and read this blog alot, we meet up often and chat on the phone frequently too. I think that person-to-person connection is SO important (and honestly why I fear internet dating a bit. Is it the same when you MEET through these means of communication? idk. I'm open to hearing arguments for and against.)

As in everything, there needs to be a balance. And I'm just trying to keep myself in check. I was just wondering if I was being bias because of the instant gratification I receive when someone "comments" or texts or "tweets" me right away. Certainly one of the great things about relationships IS a knowledge that a person is ALWAYS there for you. But I will argue, social networks- when used in a healthy way- CAN offer you that extra connection and bring people together in a real, not just artificial/surreal way ;)

I think of all my friends who have found a connection to people through blogs or internet dating (maybe I AM talking myself into this internet dating as I speak...but who am I kidding? I ain't got extra bucks for ANYTHING these days. Just happy hour ;) and they are good people who have healthy relationships. And I have friends who read this regularly and it honors me to have people think what I have to say has value. Or even better, that they AGREE! (Though I am CERTAINLY open to friendly banter now and again. In fact, I enjoy it ;)

But I am certainly aware of the danger in developing relationships SOLELY online. I think we can also read TOO much into someone's emotions online if we don't know them in person too. Also, there is the reality that some people create personas online and are very different in real life (I can barely figure myself out, let alone an alter-ego! Doesn't that take so much ENERGY?!) Which brings me, too, to think that we can't just be tied to our phones and computers. We need to be sure to give attention to people when we are with them in person and not let our Tweets or gchats get in the way (guilty, guilty! Keep me accountable people! I don't want to be that girl!)

Anyhoodles, thanks for indulging me in my justifying of my overuse of modern media ;) HA! And for reading, of course. Thoughts?

Oh! And Happy Feast of St. Blaise ;) WHERE WAS MY FEAST DAY UPDATE, huh?? ;)

Who is St. Blaise, you ask? You know, the patron of sore throats guy....

Seriously, "Thank you for being a friend"- Golden Girls style ;)

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