Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Always Feel Like, Somebody's Watching Me...

Well, Naj, you called me out. I was talking with said friend over gchat earlier today about saints who at one point lived sinful and scandalous lives (There are quite a few!) and she said, 'sounds like a blog is coming on!' (And, yes, I do use gchat to talk about saints. WHAT. It's ALL SAINTS DAY).

I know I blogged a couple weeks ago about evil spirits and I probably creeped a few of you out. Well, the good news is that today I was feelin the love of the GOOD spirits. Yeah! Not only do they exist, but as I said before, I think, they are looking out for us and they have already WON for us. We just have to turn to ask their aid and follow Christ as they did.

Am I getting ahead of myself? Perhaps.

I really was looking forward to this feast day in kind of a geeky way. Almost as geeky as when I blogged about 17th century catechisms. But see, I've got this novena to like 9 different saints going on that I've been talking about (today we started calling on St. JUDE which at first I was like, 'am I REALLY a lost cause? 'Cause he's the guy for lost causes. Then I went to Catholic Underground last night, which, for those of you who are familiar with attempts at young adult events know that for us single peeps they turn into somewhat of a Christian 'kosher' meat-market and last night was no exception. Yikes.) So I was feeling a little desperate, I suppose, and I welcomed St. Jude with as a breath of fresh air.

There are SO MANY saints. We talk a lot about all the sinners in the world today. In fact, we glorify them. Now I'm all for calling ourselves out a la St. Paul and boasting in weaknesses to an extent, but we often turn to gossip, and that's no. good. That ain't St. Paul kind of boasting.

But the priest at Mass today reminded us that there are lots of saints, canonized or not, who are living holy lives. I would like to count some of us bloggers/readers among them!

When my friend Naj and I were talking about the sinner-saint phenomenon, I began to think outloud or (via gchat, rather) about the sassy saints I identified with. Of course we all know Paul was a tough cookie, I gots a little St. Teresa of Avila wit in there, and I totally identify with Peter's confusion and well, density. Who are the saints you identify with?

The saints are cool for this reason. Well, for many reasons- the whole sacrificing their lives for God thing is crazy-cool- but the fact that we can identify with them and they were human is consoling and cool. The 'communion of saints' thing, the 'cloud of witnesses'... we are not alone, though we may feel desperate. And I've come full circle.

On a completely different note, though we are never alone- we have the saints and our saintly fellow Church-members around us- it must be God alone whom we seek. And He's been reminding me of that lately. I know we all get frustrated when we aren't getting what we want. And clearly that's been the theme of my year. But if all we want is God, we can never be disappointed. OOOOOOoooo...deep, right?? 'Cause He's always there. Win-win.

I'll leave you with this quote from a praise and worship song that I'd almost forgotten about until I was at Adoration tonight (speaking of, how cool is it to think that when we are in Heaven we can have Adoration 24/7! I was reading the first reading of Revelations today and thinking of the saints just endlessly adoring God in Heaven. And the holy souls we honor tomorrow are hopefully there too! All you holy men and women, pray for us!)

God alone! God alone!
In your courts, O my Lord, is my home!
You are my treasure, my portion,
delight of my soul!
My life, my salvation, my fortress,
my God and my all!
O my soul, claim nothing as your own!
For you, there is God,
and God alone!

And how 'bout a little Halloween pic of me and my friend Laura (who co-authors our pop blog) just for fun (I was Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist for the stars. If you don't know who she is or why I love her, watch this

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