Friday, February 27, 2009

Things I Love... (right now)

1.) Facebook Related Humor

If I didn't have to sign into Facebook to post this, I would make this my profile picture.
Sad that I think about this so much, right? Thanks, Stacie, for finding this! I love that there is a movement!

2.) Using the Media to spread the Gospel!

My friend Gina sent me this video of a CBS show interviewing Catholic author Immaculee about her story of survival in the Rwandan holocaust. They are apparently doing a whole series on "Forgiveness"! How awesome is that?! Keep the Good News coming, CBS!!

3.) The cooking priest!

I know, I know...I personally don't love cooking myself. But I do love that this priest is starting a revolution to get families to eat together, and again, using the media for good! He was recently featured in a Washington Post article. Yeah!

and here is his website:

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Thomas Joseph said...

Yay!! I LOVE Immaculee! Seriously, she's so amazing! Thanks for posting about her. :)