Wednesday, December 17, 2008

O, Antiphons!

It's that time- the octave before Christmas! Hard to believe it's already here! I feel like I just blogged about my Advent intentions- yikes! I haven't been keeping up so great with St. Paul as I had planned. I have been doing Lectio before bed, though, with the daily Advent readings and that has been beneficial during this time of Advent.

Last year with the Daugthers was the first time I really prayed the 'O Antiphons' probably because it was the first time I was consistent with the Liturgy of the Hours (some people love to pray it- I can't get into it as much. I like praying the Liturgy, but I have a hard time being consistent with it. So much easier when it is built into your community schedule!)

Anyways, the O Antiphons are the names for the Messiah based on the prophecies of Isaiah. Fr. Saunders- one of the priests from the Diocese of Arlington- writes in detail about it here:

I don't know why I love them so much! Maybe because it helps really drive home the idea of our Salvation History. That there is so much rich history leading up to this event of Christmas! People waited centuries to experience what we take for granted now- a relationship with Jesus. And the O Antiphons easily describe and lead us into prayer about that relationship with Christ. He is our Wisdom, He is our Key, He is the Root of Jesse, He is Lord, He is King...I think I also like that it gives us different ways to think about and pray about all that Jesus is for us.

So anyways, enjoy these last days of Advent! I will be praying the O Antiphons with all of you in Spirit. And I also pray that we can live the O Antiphons- that we can live like we believe in the history it proclaims and the presence of Christ now in our lives.

Also, another fun link I just found a few days before Christmas- an interactive Advent calendar! The little doors open up when you scroll over them! The USCCB was never so cool...

Happy Octave!

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