Monday, June 16, 2008

Back to DC!

I had to say good bye to St. Louis...nothing ended up working out job wise and it was time to move on. I had planned a trip to DC to visit my friends and so I scheduled some interviews in there as well. I enjoyed my time in DC so much, that when I was offered last week a position with the St. Vincent Pallotti Center, I had to say yes! And so now I'm back to DC to stay!

I begin my job as Director of Recruiting and Marketing for the St. Vincent Pallotti Center on July 7th. I'm really excited about it. I thought the Lord was calling me to youth ministry again, but I plan on definately volunteering for sure :) With my new job I'll get to travel alot and promote something I certainly believe in- Catholic long term volunteer programs!

And the Center is located right across from Catholic U. Apparently God has felt the need to bring me full circle. I may not understand His plan right now, but I'm trying to follow the best I can and I can't say I'm disappointed with the results ;)

This past weekend, I went to Chicago to stay with my cousin Lauren for a couple nights. I love Chicago in the summer and it had been a couple years since I'd spent time in the city. We had a great time. Then it was off to Gary, Indiana about an hour away to witness my dear Sally Oram marry Louis Santellano!! It was such a beautiful day. The weather was perfect, the Cathedral was a beautiful setting, and the bride and groom were oh-so happy!!! The reception was a fun time too. Us CUA folk still know how to party ;)

So now I'm chilling in Elyria, trying to get myself together for my move to DC! My friends Susan and Steph and I are looking for a 3 bedroom place. I really hope it works out because I would love to live with my girls! I am also looking for temporary housing because if we do move, it probably won't happen right away. It'll take a least a month or so. So it's back to couches and a suitcase for me. That time with NET has certainly proved beneficial in my life experience(s)!

God bless you all for your prayres and keeping up with me! Have a good summer and stay in touch-

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