Friday, January 25, 2008

Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul!

Today is the Church's feast of the Conversion of St. Paul. It's not a big feast like Christmas, but today feels like Christmas to me!

For the Daughters, of course, this is a big feast for us. Not quite as big as St. Paul's Feast Day (the Church celebrates it on June 29 I believe), but for me personally, I hold this day near and dear.

St. Paul and I have a lot in common, I'm finding. Which is most likely why God led me to this order. We like to give people a hard time, Paul and I. We like to think that we are right. And then tell people we are right. And then God knocks us off our horse. And then that makes us fall in love with Him, because we see the Light, which is Him.

Last year this time, I had returned from a postive, enlightening experience of retreat with the Daughters in New Orleans. It was decision time. Was I going to let this positive experience change me? Was I going to take action on it? God made it clear that I had to. I couldn't let the opportunity pass by. His Light was too strong and too loving to turn away. This is what happened to Paul. He simply could not go back to his former way after he knew what he had seen, and that was Jesus.

We have all had these conversions in our life, I'm sure. I encourage you to reflect on moments Christ changed things for you and you could no longer go back- you were forever changed. Let us thank Him for these moments.

And so here I am today. A lot of dying to myself has had to happen these past 5 months, and I'm sure this is only the beginning. Things I thought I knew- like Paul- I had to have transformed by Christ's Light. And once again God helped me surrender, only to be filled with a renewal of His Light!

Thanks, St. Paul, for your witness of conversion and transformation! I am learning that we are never done being formed. We are constantly dying and rising with Christ. And it can be very painful, but ultimately very beautiful. That is why this day is so beautiful to me. It reminds me of all the conversions I have had so far in my life, and all the ways Christ has shown His Light and Truth to me. And also it reminds me of the conversions Christ has allowed me to witness in others. And that makes me want to "press on" and bring Christ's Light to all His people!

I pray you all will continue to see Christ's Light in new ways. May we all die and rise together with Christ like St. Paul!

Tonight we are having a Mass with our some of our local benefactors, family, and friends. I think my sister is coming as well as my friend from CUA who is now with the Jesuits. You will be in our prayers! Thank you for keeping us in yours. We are united in Him!

Peace in Him,

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