Saturday, November 23, 2019

Feast of Christ the King 2019 Year in Review

You can tell that the year has slowed down for me because I have blogged a couple of times this month. Winter came too fast this year and it seems we have all gone into hibernation mode. As I've mentioned, though, November is a great time to reflect. With its feasts of All Saints and All Souls Day and now the end of the liturgical year- not to mention the end of a decade- it is time a great time to check in on ourselves, where we've been, and what we've done.

So here we go! The annual Feast of Christ the King Year in Review!

 I rang in 2019 with essentially my family here in Richmond
 My girls and I made a commitment to quarterly Girls' Weekends. It only happened twice for us, but we still had many adventures throughout the year. Above is Virginia Beach, below is a cabin/winery somewhere in NW VA!

 I spent a lot of time with family this year with a visit to Richmond from my cousins (above) and trip to Israel with my parents (below). The trip to Israel was definitely a highlight. I also made many trips to Ohio this year. Probably as many or more than I did 10 years ago in 2009!

 I spent my Spring Break this year in the Midwest with a trip home for Easter and my birthday (below) and time with CUA friends at a conference in Chicago (above). 

 I spent the summer of 2019 with a lot of domestic travel.  A trip to Asheville NC (above), Delaware and Philly (below), as well as another trip to Ohio and also a trip to Savannah, GA.

 Oh! And I went back to North Carolina in September to see Lizzo with some fabulous friends (above). It was also the summer of the Cocktail- A- Day challenge (which I achieved below). 

 We lost my Babci this year, but celebrated her 96 years of life with family (and vodka shots above). I also celebrated my 20th High School reunion (below)

 I rounded out the year with another girls' weekend (above) in VA with friends from CUA and celebrated Halloween with my favorites at our annual RVA gathering.

I normally would include pictures of Thanksgiving in this year round-up, but it's PAINFULLY late this year! I still have 2 more days of school as I write this before I finally get a break! It's been a long haul since Labor Day!

As I look back 2019 is similar to 2018 with lots of joy and time with the communities I am a part of. I also enjoyed lots of domestic travel and the trip of a lifetime with my parents to the Holy Land. Losing my Babci was also a big mark of this year, but I will remember 2019 with fondness as the blessings definitely outweighed any trials.

I already reflected a little on this last decade in my previous post, but I can't believe the 10 years has passed and I've spent almost 5 of them in RVA. These 10 years have certainly been blessed. I've had a lot of growth, a lot of successes and joys, and a lot of finally owning who I am after discerning it for so long in my 20s. I think it is interesting that both 2009 and 2019 brought a lot of trips to Ohio respectively with weddings and funerals and reunions. As I mentioned before, I have never had a long term plan for nearly anything for as much of a planner as I am. Sticking with my intuition, discernment and prayer has not led me astray so far. I think I will do it some more in the next 10 years and see where it leads.

I love the Feast of Christ the King not just because of the time for reflection on the past liturgical year, but because it reminds of us of where we are going. There are lots of readings about heaven and the Second Coming during this time of year. Today's Gospel also reminds us about what kind of King we have in Christ and it just blows me away each year the Gospel readings that are picked for this feast. They are not readings of a King taking His Throne, but of a poor Man taking His Cross. We have a king who humbled Himself and died for us.

Happy New Year!

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