Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Consolation, Communication...Calls for Celebration!

Apparently giving up Facebook for Lent makes me think less about blogging 'cause I see it's been about Ash Wednesday since I last blogged and I'd been so good about blogging once a week almost! ;) It [giving up Facebook] definitely forces me to do other things that I should be doing- praying, working, volunteering, emailing or calling friends instead of just checking their status-.so, so far so good on the lenten sacrifice!

I did have to go on it for about .2 seconds yesterday at work to check our 'Fan Page' for the non-profit I work for. My co-worker asked me to post something, and that is part of my job to maintain our web profiles, but I was sooooo tempted to start looking at my missed 'notes' and 'updates', I had to get off of there quick!

I also blog when I am inspired spiritually. I'll get something in prayer and then just immediately think: "ooo...I need to share that!". That's not to say I haven't been getting anything in prayer- prayer's still been great! I've gotten into a smooth routine- something I was praying for this summer! I'm able to delve into the prayer most days...I just think Jesus has been giving me little personal lights and consolations, keeping me happy day by day :) So He's given me lots of stuff just for the two of us right now... A little honeymoon stage again ;) (I'm holding onto this consolation as long as I can, fo' sho, just like St. Ignatius says to! This is long overdue... ;)

All that confidence in God stuff I was praying for earlier this year has seemed to WORK! ha! Who'd a thought? ;) I'm still discerning lots of things- how to use my gifts in grad school, ministry, job, relationships, etc (I got into grad school at CUA, btw! More on that- I suppose that's blog worthy!) and a month or so ago I was stressing out about all of the above. But now after praying about confidence and surrender, I'm finding I am putting it into practice and just truly trusting that whatever He wants from me He will make known in His time.. Praise Him for this time of consolation! Don't let me take it for granted! Readers- keep me accountable, okay?? ;)

So, yeah, I got into grad school for the fall at Catholic. I am going to be pursuing an MA in Theology, specializing in Catechetics and Religious Ed. I was hesitant to take this speciality at first because there's such a stigma in my mind about getting a job or degree in "Religious Ed" That stigma in my mind being the old Church lady running all the formation programs single handedly at the parish forever and forever, since before time began, and never being able to give it up. I've seen it....it ain't pretty!

So, again-readers- keep me accountable! Do not let this happen to me! ;)

I have found over the past 5 years since CUA that my passion is sharing the truths of the Catholic faith with others; educating and teaching them in a way that is RELEVANT. And doing this particularly through film, music, MEDIA. This is why I love youth ministry. This is why I entered the Daughters....so I'm thinking this could be it! The next step in my unique call!

I hope to discover with my studies methods of Catechesis that we can implement in NEW ways. Ways that are relevant to the culture and that WORK (not to say text books with coloring pictures of Jesus and rainbows don't work, but really.....they kind of don't).

So that's my soapbox for today. If I get any shareable lights with Jesus soon, I will certainly pass them along ;) I will say St. Vincent Pallotti has been a focus for me ever since we had a retreat on his charism for work last week. He is very like Alberione (the Italian that founded the Daughters) in that he was very devoted to the traditions of the faith of his time, but visionary in seeing how the Church would be lived in the future- if that makes sense. For example, he really supported the laity's role in the Church before Vatican II was even in anyone's mind or vocabulary. So he has been great because that is who I am trying to be- a holy lay woman in the Church!

God bless you all, friends, and your Lent! We'll be in touch again soon, I'm sure....just not with Facebook ;)


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